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“I have utilized the talents of Carrie Rathbun Hawks for several of my client’s events. Attendees were pleased with Carrie’s presentations and have asked to have her back in the future. Attendees felt they benefitted from Carrie’s content and could use her information to make a positive impact with their business.”

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Professional Speaking & Training

Strategic Leader, Passionate Communicator, Goal-Oriented Collaborator     ...and YOUR next expert speaker!

Carrie is a dynamic, engaging speaker who will leave your audience feeling more informed and empowered about a variety of communication, leadership and planning topics. She has been speaking publicly and conducting trainings for more than 20 years. Her passion for PR and strategic leadership are contagious as she shares her insights and experience in ways that are relatable to both novice and seasoned leaders, as well as those who don’t normally handle communication within their organization.

From keynotes to break-out sessions and internal trainings, Carrie can address a wide variety of topics for myriad organizations. She's spoken to private investigators, economic development leaders, CEO roundtables, hospital executives, business networking groups, nonprofits and university leaders. Her information can take listeners back to the basics to ensure they're on the right path strategically, or it can elevate an organization to a new level of thinking to guide their communications and branding initiatives. Learn more about Carrie's credentials.

Keynote Presentations

On-Target Communication in an Ever-Changing, 24-Hour, On-Demand World
  • Do you know your target audiences? Are you up to date on the communication channels that change nearly every day? Is your marketing communication effort integrated, or operating in silos? Are you ready to respond to the good, the bad and the ugly day or night? In this presentation, Rathbun shows how important it is for an organization to do its research, have a flexible, measuarable plan and evaluate its implementation, all while keeping a finger on the pulse of key audiences.
Is This Microphone On? How to Hit the Mark for Effective Marketing Communication Strategies
  • Having a clear understanding of whether your outreach, banding and marketing efforts are paying off is vital to running a successful campaign and seeing a return on your investment. Communicating for the sake of communicating without finding out if it your message is being received can be futile. Developing a social media program without knowing how to analyze it can be inefficient. Designing a brochure without a distribution plan may not be the best use of your precious marketing dollars. In this session, Rathbun will talk about the value of including measurement in your strategies and how to audit your entire marketing communications program -- and your brand -- from top to bottom.
Getting Buy-in from the Top: Does your CEO Understand and Embrace Communications?
  • Studies prove that organizations are more successful if there is clear, audience-specific communication starting from the top of the ladder. PR professionals, as well as HR and marketing leaders, need the support of their CEOs if they are to build battalions of employees, volunteers, community leaders, board members and other key stakeholders. Creating this culture of top-down, as well as bottom-up, transparency can be challenging but it's worth the effort. Rathbun will help her audience understand why C-Suite relations are so important, and how to educate executives about the value of measurable communications while earning respect from every level of the company.

Breakout and Training Sessions

From strategic communications planning and integrated communications, to media relations training and effective listening, communication audits, research and measurement, Rathbun can conduct smaller-scale, interactive trainings that can be customized for almost any audience. Click here for a complete list of possibilities.